Forex Trading Review

Hi There!

I have set up this website to help forex traders (or prospective forex traders) choose the best strategies to make consistent profits by having a look through our forex trading reviews.

If you are like me you already trade or want to trade forex because you know there is good money to be made. The problem is that there are so many strategies available on the internet, and I reckon probably only 10% of them are truly profitable. The rest are scams.

Maybe you have been burnt by “too good to be true” fairytale strategies. I know I have!

I buy 4-5 new forex trading strategies every month, but will only review the “real” ones on this site. So if it is reviewed here, you know you can get it if it suits your trading style.

Suits your trading style? What am I talking about?

I would generally break down forex strategies into 3 main categories:

  • Automatic hands-off trading strategies, mostly through using Metatrader expert advisors.
  • Manual strategies with help from a specific set of indicators.
  • Purely price driven manual strategies (no indicators).

Now each of these categories can then be broken down into:

  • Daily Trading – making one or more trades at the end of each day, based on daily candles.
  • Day Trading – shorter term trading, with trades usually lasting 1 hour to 1 day.
  • Scalping – very short term trades, with trades lasting from a couple of minutes to 2 hours.

There are more categories like swing trading for instance, but these are the ones I use.

Here is an excellent Daily strategy taking only a few minutes a day, one that I am currently trading (the website looks ugly, but the strategy guide is excellent!):

SaneFX Trading Strategy

The Forex market is the largest “trading” market in the world, bigger than ALL the stock markets combined. It is huge, with trillions of dollars traded every day.

And for the last 10 or so years it has become accessible to ordinary guys like you and me. Previously it was only the large investment banks playing the market.

I have been trading Forex for around 10 years and believe me that it has never been better or easier to make money trading Forex.

You have more flexible trading software (like Metatrader), excellent analysis and indicators and brokers are competing with each other to decrease spreads. Meaning we can make more money.

The key is to find a strategy that works and manage your money properly. That’s it! Oh, and don’t let your emotions dictate your trades. That is a recipe for losing all your money.

So with this forex trading review website I will try and give you the best trading strategies for each different category of trading. And once you start making some money with one or two strategies you can do what I do and diversify.

For instance, have an automated expert advisor running on one account following strategy 1 & 2, manually trade daily on another account following strategy 3 & 4 and do your day trading and scalping on another account following strategy 5 & 6.

This way you trade 6 different strategies so if one has a bad month hopefully the others will make up for it.

So have a look at all the forex trading reviews on the site, decide which one will suit your trading style and start trading!